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Why Choose Me?

Prodigy offers the same professional tutoring services as well as more compared to the competition. That’s what makes Prodigy unique compared to other companies.

Through the application of memory skills, strategies, practice, personalized help, and problem-solving expertise, your student is ready for the SAT/ACT tests.

How We Compare With The Competition

Based On The Prodigy 4-Week Weekend SAT Prep Class

CompanyPriceNumber Of StudentsMinimum Instructor PercentileIn-Person Instructional HoursPrice Per Hour
Prodigy$4253-599th16 Hrs$26.50
Kaplan$67510+90th18 Hrs$37.50
Elite$53010+Not Stated16 Hrs$33
The Princeton Review$99912+Not Stated25 Hrs$40
Powerful Prep$250012+99th24 Hrs$104

My approach to all sessions, including personalized 1-on-1 tutoring sessions with students.



I give each individual student comprehensive diagnostic tests to determine their current strengths, weaknesses, learning style, and subject knowledge of the common SAT criterion.


Assessing their current scores, abilities, and methods, I develop a comprehensive plan for each student that is tailored and balanced towards the most successful approaches.


We begin learning the necessary subject material to score well on the next ACT/SAT exam, such as: grammar, formulas, comprehension, language analysis, and concept evaluation.

Personal Mastery

I work together with your student to develop strategies that work for them while producing excellent results through practice, tips, tricks, and procedures that work best for them.


Students will utilize strategies learned that have been tailored to give them successful results while going through multiple full-length tests, and we will fine-tune our approach when needed.

Better Scores

Through the application of memory skills, strategies, practice, help, and problem-solving expertise, you or your student is ready to earn a higher score on the SAT/ACT Test. Go Celebrate!

My Values

My hourly rate for each student comes out to be a cutthroat price of $22/hr for individualized classes full of tailored strategies and ideas where your students will have someone they can work with closely all the time. I offer classes at this price because I’m doing what I love and also paying for my own expenses to keep doing so.
Personalized Classes
Each class has a maximum of 7 students, but are likely to have 3-5. I keep notes, logs, and attention to detail on each individual’s learning experience and begin customizing it in a way that allows them to acquire the skills necessary to score far higher on their next SAT/ACT exam. Your student will get the help he or she deserves.
Each individual student learns differently and comes from different backgrounds in regard to skills, work ethic, culture, environment and more. I create an environment for each individual student that works best for them, providing the resources, attention, and help that they need to succeed. Each student is important.

Schedule & Pricing

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1 Day SAT Prep
  • Content ReviewWorking through the necessary content to ensure your student’s success during the SAT is a critical component. I’ve selected the common groups of subject content featured on every SAT test and have optimized the learning process for covering them.
  • StrategiesLearn the effective tips, tricks, and test-taking strategies that a perfect scorer has researched, dissected, and compiled for students like you. With over 1,000 hours of tutoring experience, I offer hundreds of strategies for every type of student.
  • No CommitmentOne Saturday, one class with four intensive hours of learning that could significantly improve your student’s score, as well as their academic and career opportunities forever.
  • Individual QuestionsHave any questions answered by a tutor with a perfect score, whether it’s about the test, content, or strategies so that you can walk into the upcoming SAT test with confidence.
Not currently available.
I am currently not offering any 1-Day SAT Prep Classes.
Saturday Sat Prep

    $425 for the entire 4-week, 16-hour Saturday SAT Prep Classes


    April 6, 13, 20, 27: 3:30 pm – 7:30 pm (FULL)

    May 4, 11, 18, 25 (3 pm – 7 pm) (OPEN)

    Held at 1618 E. 17th St., Santa Ana, CA 92705

    Summer SAT Prep Class

    $1200 for the entire 6-week, 54-hour Intensive Prep Classes

    $800 for the entire 6-week, 36-hour Saturdays Prep Classes


    Due to an already busy schedule, I will not be holding summer classes in 2019.

    Individual SAT/ACT Tutoring
    • AvailabilityI make sure that I can be available for all of my students based on their own busy schedules. I schedule sessions when they are most comfortable and capable of learning the material. Being available is important.
    • Tailored AssistanceWith over 1,000 hours of tutoring experience, I’ve witnessed every issue and problem students may struggle with and have discovered the solutions for each situation that work best.
    • Habit BuildingAn issue I've noticed many students suffer from is a lack of work ethic or optimism. I can't be everything they need, but I do build those two necessary habits that produce results when followed.
    • More FlexibleI’m not a conglomerate who hires tutors for $13/hr for minimal effort. You, and your student, have my full attention. My program is entirely tailored based on your situation and theirs.
    • Dedicated AttentionI don’t throw worksheets and books at my students and call it tutoring. I spend every minute of my time improving on elements that are proven to increase their scores and knowledge. I love to help.
    • QualifiedI’m shocked at the number of tutors who are not qualified or scored poorly on the SAT/ACT and are yet still paid upwards of $80/hr to teach your students. Perfect scores here, though!

    For 1-on-1 sessions, my base rate is $70/hr, and the student can have this rate if they are willing to meet me halfway at a coffee shop or some other location. I am located in northern Anaheim, so I would calculate an appropriate meeting place that is halfway.

    If you would like for me to drive all the way to your home, I can, but I charge an extra $5-15/hr in addition to my base rate of $70/hr that I calculate based on distance from my location to cover the long time spent driving and gas costs. For more information on how much your hourly rate would be for you personally if you wanted me to drive to your home, please feel free to contact me.

    *For students who are from a low-income family and can verify this with me, I am willing to work with your student on a discounted hourly rate.


    Because my individual tutoring schedule is flexible, once the student signs up for lessons, I will contact him/her and figure out a consistent schedule that works for you, your student, and me.


    Rescheduling / Cancellation Policy


    For one-on-one tutoring sessions, I require at least 24 hours advance notice for rescheduling or cancellations. If the student or parent reschedules or cancels later than 24 hours in advance, they are responsible for paying a reschedule/cancellation fee of $50.